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Sep 28, 2023

Stephanie Parra is a trailblazer in Arizona. She joins host Tim Leman on The Edge to discuss the work her organization, ALL In Education, is doing to advocate for equity, opportunity, and justice for all students. Stephanie & Tim talk about the importance of a human-centered design approach, shifting the narrative & perspective, and what makes her team unique & impactful.

Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn. Learn more about ALL In Education


Key Takeaways:

  • About ALL In Education (1:33)
  • Human-centered design approach (7:30)
  • Shifting the narrative and perspective (10:07)
  • Stephanie’s journey in education (13:15)
  • You can be part of the change (18:20)
  • The experience working and leading at a nonprofit (23:57)
  • Best team experience and what makes it special (26:28)
  • Stephanie’s edge (30:04)