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May 25, 2023

Rudy Yakym joins host Tim Leman to share about his journey to Congress and the lessons on leadership, culture, and community he has learned along the way. The Congressman talks about navigating competing interests, as well as the role he takes to help his team member achieve their aspirations. Rudy & Tim also discuss intentionality as it related to leadership, who we surround ourselves with, and how we stay connected to family.  

Connect with Rudy on LinkedIn and via his website 


Key Takeaways:

  • Congress is very different on the inside than what you see on the outside (0:53)
  • Rudy’s journey (3:49)
  • How his business background & nonprofit board experience prepared him for serving on Congress (6:21)
  • Navigating competing interests (6:47)
  • Board service helping him to better understand and appreciate community issues (7:53)
  • Leadership matters (9:18)
  • Lessons on leadership, culture, and community from Amish Shah (9:57)
  • Creating culture with Congressional team – helping people get to where they’re trying to go (12:22)
  • Rudy’s edge (16:00)
  • Staying connected to family (18:40)