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Feb 11, 2022

Quentin Messer is the CEO of Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). He discusses with host Tim Leman how the pandemic has brought a greater focus on place and what that means for not only economic development organizations like MEDC, but for all businesses and each of us personally. They talk about the unique perspectives women bring to his leadership team and how he's worked to create trust on a team of forceful personalities, as well the importance of keeping family at the forefront.

Connect with Quentin on LinkedIn. Learn more about MEDC.

Key Takeaways: 

  • What is MEDC? (0:52)
  • The notion of place has become much more powerful (2:40)
  • Comparing Michigan & the Great Lakes to other regions (5:12)
  • Building a diverse leadership team (9:14)
  • Creating trust on a team (12:08)
  • Staying close with family despite business obligations (16:42)
  • Surrendering to purpose and embracing sources of strength (20:57)
  • Energy and accessibility (24:45)