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Feb 11, 2022

Don Cates and host Tim Leman explore lessons learned from Don's childhood on a farm and his leadership journey in the financial industry. Don talks about how the pandemic has challenged his organization, and all of us, to become adaptable and flexible. The two also discuss how Don coaching women's basketball has translated to professional insights and a philosophy that embraces diversity of thought. Additionally, the conversation includes how being intentional about time, choice, and scheduling encourages productivity.

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Key Takeaways: 

  • Lessons learned from farm life (1:45)
  • Risks banks are facing and a mindset of flexibility (2:39)
  • Thriving versus surviving (5:00)
  • Don's transition through sales, lending, and leadership (5:57)
  • Early leadership lessons (8:54)
  • The evolution of a leadership team (10:37)
  • Great teams and work ethic (11:36)
  • The diversity of thought and experience that women bring (13:57)
  • Being intentional about time, choice, and scheduling to encourage productivity (16:45)
  • Don's edge in life (18:50)