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Mar 19, 2021

Tracy Hutton is CEO at CENTURY 21 Scheetz and this episode's guest. She didn't get there by chance, but by sticking with a career choice at a young age and working her way to the top. A shared love of sports brings Tim and Tracy into a conversation about teamwork and how leadership isn't a one-person game. Also, Tracy gives insight into how having that edge and being successful has its fair share of sacrifices.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Opportunity comes with time (2:16)
  • You are not creating unless you are a little uncomfortable (6:29)
  • Sometimes a leader needs to learn to pass the ball to their team (8:10)
  • Different personalities are going to shape your team. Allow those differences to define it as well. (10:19)
  • A growing career is going to demind that we make sacrifices. Leading on the edge is a labor of love. (13:29)
  • Tracy's edge (15:04)