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Mar 19, 2021

Being part of a winning team is a privilege. We all understand the frustrations of working with a team that doesn't feel the same passion for a project that we do. But, once you get a team sharing a singular vision and rowing in the same direction, the clarity is remarkable. Todd Smart believes that by using the simplification and prioritization techniques, that EOS provides, creating that winning team is easily within reach.


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Key Takeaways

  • Get it done through simplification and prioritization (00:51)
  • Success is going to come with a fair share of failures (4:39)
  • Being part of a winning team can be a privilege and if you get to be party of one you need to defend it (7:56)
  • There are a lot of ways for a team to fall apart (11:02)
  • Decisive people moves are critical to accomplishing your goals (16:19)
  • Getting processes radically simple and followed by all is surprisingly difficult (23:37)