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Feb 16, 2023

Susan Dyer, Certified EOS®  Implementer, and host Tim Leman dive into EOS and the edge it provides to entrepreneurs. From her years of leadership and coaching experience, Susan discusses the evolution of a leadership team and the common obstacles they encounter. She also talks about the importance of delegating, the power of listening, and why leaders need to make time for other passions outside of work.
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Key Takeaways:
  • What is EOS? (1:00)
  • How does EOS give entrepreneurs an edge? (2:40)
  • The characteristics of the very best leadership teams (4:24)
  • When a leadership team may shift or shrink (7:30)
  • Stories of leadership teams and visionaries (8:00)
  • EOS is simple by design (10:55)
  • When a leadership team gets stuck (12:55)
  • Fear of delegating (14:30)
  • The lonely journey of the visionary (16:11)
  • Leading indicators for scorecard metrics (22:53)
  • Susan's edge (24:45)
  • Focus on connection and nonverbal communication (26:25)
  • Passion outside of work (28:00)