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May 23, 2024

Host Tim Leman introduces the dynamic trio of co-hosts for Season 6: Alex Rodriguez, Courtney Montfort, and Taylor Covey. Together they dive into their motivations for becoming co-hosts and share their passion for connecting with people. Tune in to discover how these hosts find their edge and embrace the thrill of trying new things. 

Connect with Alex Rodriguez, Courtney Montfort, and Taylor Covey on LinkedIn. Learn more about Gibson.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Why Alex, Courtney, and Taylor wanted to be co-hosts (1:11) 

  • The co-hosts’ favorite episodes of The Edge (7:28) 

  • Tim’s inspiration for Season 6 (9:30) 

  • Alex’s edge (11:02) 

  • Courtney’s edge (12:35) 

  • Taylor’s edge (15:00) 

  • Rapid Fire (17:05) 

  • What is something about each co-host that not many people know (22:50)