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May 25, 2023

Neil Alldredge, CEO of NAMIC, joins The Edge to talk about servant leadership, clarity of purpose, and embracing a collaborative leadership style. As the leader of a trade association, Neil provides insight on the unique dynamics of working with board chairs and advice for setting clear expectations for successful board relationships. Neil and Tim also discuss the interesting history of insurance companies and the growing focus on diversity in the industry. 

Connect with Neil on LinkedIn. Learn more about NAMIC (the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies). 

Key Takeaways:

  • About NAMIC and Neil’s role (0:45)
  • The interesting history of insurance companies (3:35)
  • Growing diversity in the industry (11:00)
  • Neil’s leadership journey (16:15)
  • Leadership stability and clarity of purpose (19:00)
  • Responsibility to the leaders who came before (20:25)
  • The value of bringing in a new perspective to an established leadership team (26:13)
  • Collaborative leadership style (27:26)
  • The unique dynamics of frequently changing board chairs (30:06)
  • Advice for board chairs (33:00)
  • Neil’s edge (34:34)