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May 10, 2023

This very special episode features Ruth Leman, host Tim Leman’s mom. Hear Tim and his mom discuss her childhood in Latin America, her passion for teaching, as well as the joys and challenges of raising Tim. Tune in for some fun stories of Tim’s early years and characteristics his mom still sees present in his life today.  

Key Takeaways:

  • The first of the Baby Boomer generation (1:07)
  • Growing up in Latin America (2:20)
  • 12 schools in 13 years (5:14)
  • Unofficial launch of teaching career at age 12 (9:15)
  • Her parents as missionaries and leaders (11:45)
  • Her journey to becoming a teacher (15:10)
  • Coming full circle (21:00)
  • When Tim makes up his mind to do something, it is hard to change his mind! (23:45)
  • Teaching responsibility with laundry (24:50)
  • Stories of young Tim (26:58)
  • Friendships and a soft heart (30:06)
  • Characteristics that have stuck with Tim for a long time (34:37)
  • As a kid, Tim wanted to be President (36:02)
  • 55 years of marriage (36:42)
  • Ruth’s edge – faith, family, and friends (38:43)
  • The best part of being a mom & grandma (46:12)
  • Turning the tables – a question from mom (47:07)