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May 25, 2023

In this episode of The Edge Podcast, Mark Bundy shares about his early leadership lessons, emphasizing the importance of a strong work ethic, leading by example, and respecting competitors. From his over 20 years of experience as a COO in the insurance industry, Mark offers valuable insights on key characteristics to look for when recruiting sales professionals, connecting and coaching salespeople, and leading with empathy.  

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Key Takeaways:

  • Early leadership lessons in motorcycle racing (0:48)
  • Respecting & learning from competitors (2:26)
  • Mark’s leadership journey (3:55)
  • Leading within a growing company (7:00)
  • Competitive nature (10:25)
  • Key characteristics of successful sales professionals (11:33)
  • Red flags in recruiting (15:30)
  • Coaching salespeople on working better together (16:20)
  • Onboarding and mentoring new COOs (18:40)
  • What COOs get wrong when it comes to working with salespeople (20:30)
  • Rewarding to be involved as an advisor (24:45)
  • Mark’s edge (26:40)