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Jun 20, 2024

Larry Swank is the founder and chairman of Sterling Group, a developer and manager of multi-family housing and self-storage units based in Indiana. Larry joins host Tim Leman on The Edge to share his journey as an entrepreneur. He discusses the importance of intuition, learning from mistakes, and staying focused, while also providing valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of running a family business. 

Connect with Larry on LinkedIn. Learn more about Sterling Group.


  • What is Sterling Group? (0:55) 

  • Larry’s role as chairman (2:35) 

  • Larry’s early career (4:20) 

  • Trust your gut instinct (7:25) 

  • Operating a family business (12:45) 

  • Staying connected to family (17:10) 

  • Larry’s edge (18:31) 

  • Advice for success (21:03)