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Jul 27, 2023

James Mueller, Mayor of the City of South Bend (IN), joins host Tim Leman to give a glimpse into city government and what it takes to manage a diverse group of stakeholders with competing interests. They talk about James’ unique path to public service, the importance of communication, rising to meet the needs of your team, and setting an organization on a sustainable path for the future.  

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Key Takeaways:

  • James’ unique career journey (0:41)
  • Lessons learned from Mayor Pete (4:48)
  • Managing a large, diverse group of stakeholders (6:34)
  • There is much more to South Bend (9:23)
  • Unique aspects and challenges of being Mayor (10:55)
  • James’ edge (15:19)
  • Having a great partner at home (20:40)
  • Setting up the City for future growth and success (27:00)