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May 25, 2023

Dr. Christopher Croner is a sales psychologist, assessment developer, and founder of SalesDrive. Dr. Croner and host Tim Leman explore the non-teachable traits of top performing salespeople: the need for achievement, competitiveness, and optimism. They also talk about Dr. Croner’s curiosity and what led him to study psychology.  

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Key Takeaways:

  • Why he chose to study psychology (0:48)
  • Biggest misconceptions regarding people who study human nature (3:13)
  • How SalesDrive came to be (4:45)
  • 3 non-teachable traits (7:50)
  • The formula behind Drive (10:23)
  • Why they are non-teachable (11:03)
  • Making sure the match is right for the candidate and the company (12:30)
  • Assessments to complement SalesDrive (15:00)
  • Forced choice questions (16:40)
  • Jumping into a sales role himself (17:58)
  • The foundation beneath the foundation (19:23)
  • Teaming people up (24:09)
  • Assessment accuracy (26:50)
  • How do assessments account for cultural differences (30:40)
  • The future of sales roles (33:19)
  • Dr. Croner’s edge (36:19)