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Jul 27, 2023

Andrea Sloan, President of GroundBreakers, joins host Tim Leman to discuss her passion for creating culture and growth. They explore lessons she learned from her time in the military, the impact EOS has had on her as a leader and on the organization, as well as her fearlessness, which Andrea says is her edge in life.  

Connect with Andrea on LinkedIn. Learn more about GroundBreakers.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Andrea's role - it depends on the day! (2:30)
  • Passion for culture and growth (3:35)
  • Being a Visionary and the positive impact of EOS (4:28)
  • Andrea’s leadership journey (7:00)
  • Applying lessons from time in Army Reserve to business (8:55)
  • Great teams and what makes them special (11:20)
  • EOS as a game-changer for her business (13:36)
  • Andrea’s edge (17:18)
  • Staying close as a family (22:40)