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Feb 16, 2023

Andrea Butcher, CEO of HRD*, discusses her passion for leadership development and helping others build their vision. She talks about equipping leaders & creating an environment for people to be successful. Andrea and host Tim Leman also explore how they have applied lessons and experiences from their leadership journeys to their families and personal relationships - as well as a few fun memories from their days together at Indiana State.


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Key Takeaways:
  • Leadership development is self-development (1:43)
  • We'll never be done developing as leaders (2:13)
  • Enjoying the team victory & continuing to lift each other up (3:10)
  • College memories and early leadership roles (7:11)
  • Why are we not equipping leaders and pouring into them? (9:35)
  • Impact of an incredible mentor (10:21)
  • Creating an environment for people to be successful (13:00)
  • Andrea's podcast experience (15:25)
  • Pivotal moments & telling your story (17:30)
  • Lessons for emerging talent (27:30)
  • Responding versus reacting as a couple (30:45)
  • Exemplary leaders have the courage to name the future (32:45)
  • Return on luck (39:20)
  • Planting visionary seeds (46:20)
  • Andrea's edge (47:20)