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Jul 27, 2023

Amy Bruske of Kolbe Corp joins host Tim Leman to discuss the unique ways we each take action and how understanding these striving instincts can be impactful in the workplace as well as at home. She shares about her leadership journey, advice for family businesses, and what makes for a strong team. Amy also talks about how she found her edge and how she has harnessed it to achieve success.  

Connect with Amy on LinkedIn. Learn more about Kolbe Corp.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Helping people figure out their unique ways of getting things done (1:06)
  • What Amy & Tim’s Kolbe scores mean (2:13)
  • Applying Kolbe with youth (4:27)
  • Amy’s leadership journey (9:25)
  • Collaborations with Strategic Coach and EOS (12:15)
  • Dan Sullivan – Who, Not How (13:54)
  • Kathy Kolbe’s experience and what lead her to develop the Kolbe assessment (15:24)
  • Advice for those involved with family businesses (19:02)
  • Best team and what made it special (22:28)
  • Staying connected as a family (26:07)
  • Amy’s edge (28:00)